Nowadays, Social media is now become an effective channel for marketing strategy, known as social media strategy. Social media and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) are always being linked together.

Many peoples argued and questioned on whether social media affect the SEO ranking and the answer from Google is: “No, at least not directly.” However, there were facts showed that the high ranked websites invested a whole lot of effort in the social media engagement.

The positive effects of social media marketing including:

1. Builds web presence
With social media, your sites are possible to reach out to a wider audience. At the same time, it brings more traffic to your website and it could rank your web content organically in search engines.

2. Increases linking to your site
The likes and shares on the social media increase the linking to your site and this would speed up the Google indexing process to your site and boost your SEO ranking.

3. Locally-Optimized Posts
Social media provides opportunities to engage you in the local community, sending local-specific authority signals to major search engines.

4.Helps in branded keywords
Branded keywords could help your site rank in SERPs for related or similar keyword phrases when customers searched for your brand using the keyword phrase.

Hence, only having a SEO on your page is not enough, build your social media now and boosts it together with your site!