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How should you approach SEO for big enterprises and what’s the main factor to concentrate on?

That’s this week’s Ask an SEO question, and it comes to us from Iman H. of California. Well, Iman, here’s my take.

SEO for large enterprise comes with its own set of challenges. Because you’re working with multiple departments, goals, and directives, it can sometimes seem like it takes an Act of God to get anything done.

Here are five tips on where to focus when developing plans for large companies.

1. Decide Whether it’s Easier to Focus on Tech or Content

Many companies have long waiting periods for technical assistance.

While it’s critical that your technical SEO is buttoned-up, it can be challenging getting something even as simple as a robots.txt file into the development schedule.

If this describes you, focus on where you can have the most impact.

Alternatively, you may run on a simple CMS like WordPress or Drupal, where you can make technical changes easily, but have a long or laborious approval process for new content.

If that’s your situation, focus on the tech aspects first, and start putting your requests for content changes in so that they can begin making their way through the system.