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SEOYV – The solution for your needs

The SEO platform that helps your business to yield value 

SEO Tools

The powerful tool sets to optimize your page.

Keyword Ranking

We provide intelligent keyword suggestions and 100% accurate rank tracking services.

On-page SEO Audit

Get a comprehensive report in checking how well a webpage is optimized for certain search queries and tackling the websites common problems.

Keyword Grouper

SEOYV analyzes the most popular keywords and eliminates the irrelevant keywords through the keywords comparison.

Keyword Suggestion

SEOYV provides unlimited, effective and unique search queries and keywords ideas for your website’s content and on-page SEO.


SEOYV provides the detailed automated reporting about the keyword research, SEO, PPC, Web Traffic and more information about your sites.

Website Audit

SEOYV provides comprehensive and detailed analysis on your website and increase the search engine visibility by eliminating the SEO errors.

Competitor Search

We help you to evaluate your competitor.

Competitor PPC/SEO

Analyse and discover what keywords and ads a domain / URL is ranked for in paid and organic search.

Keyword Research

Obtain the full list of all competitors and historical advertisers for certain search query.

Page Change Monitoring

Get alerts when there are any modifications occurred on your site.


Get the complete list of backlinks of any domain and analyzed each against the major SEO parameters.

Marketing Plan

We have the plan in optimizing your website.

Strategy and Pre-Launch Care

Keyword Research and Implementation

On-Page Optimization 

Off-Page Optimization

Social Media Management

Customize Your Own Personal Task

All-in-one platform for all business, agency and project.

SEOYV offers all the standard SEO tools which helps to boost your search ranking and reach out to more customers.

SEOYV Social Media Management Tool

Full control on your social communications.

Auto-post to social networks

Share updates and content easily to your followers across multiple social platforms in just a couple of clicks.

Increase engagement rate

Knowing the best time to engage with your followers and the type of content that will give you best results.

SEOYV Backlinks Services

The simplest way to popularize your websites.

A webpage with more and good backlinks tended to rank higher on the major search engines, we deliver the best Backlinks Services to improve your SEO ranking.

SEOYV Pricing

Full control on your website ranking.

No matter you are an individual, company or listed company
SEOYV pricing just fix for you!

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